Tune into acoustical comfort

Sound speaks volumes about the customer experience

Most of the time, we ignore sound until it becomes a problem. But once it does, it’s often a big one. From hospitals and dormitories to restaurants and office spaces, noise can affect productivity, customer satisfaction and overall success. Whether it’s sound that’s finding its way between rooms, lingering within one room or traveling between floors to the space below, we create noise reduction solutions to make complaints and inconvenience a thing of the past. Problems We Solve >>

STC’s unique noise control products are simple, cost-effective and high performing for developers and architects. And perhaps more importantly, they help customers’ and end-users’ acoustical comfort-fixing issues from complaining hotel guests to office workers desperate for a little privacy. Our Products and Pricing >>

Box Seals

For recessed outlets

The Box Seal is a wall plate gasket that serves as an acoustic wall plate seal and fire prevention measure, effectively plugging spaces around wall outlets.

starting at $192.00

$3.50 per seal

Image of Box Seals

Hi-Sabin Panels

Reverberation control

The STC Hi-Sabin Panel controls reverberant noise due to exposed ceilings, and offers more savings than other types of sound absorption panels.

starting at $230.00

$4.79 per panel

Image of Hi-Sabin Panels

Acoustic Sleepers

Impact noise reduction at floors

The STC Acoustic Sleeper helps to prevent impact noise from reaching floors below.

starting at $115.00

$0.84 per Unit

Image of Acoustic Sleepers

Mullion Seals

Partition joints at window walls

The Mullion Seal prevents sound from passing through that troublesome juncture of a partition with a curtainwall mullion at a glazed exterior wall.

starting at $129.15

$129.15 per 50 foot roll

Image of Mullion Seals