More sound between rooms passes through unsealed outlets than the rest of the wall combined.

From Noise Complaints to Sound Asleep

Hotel guests rightfully demand privacy in their rooms, and that peaceful experience extends to sound. Guests don’t want to be heard by their neighbors, and they likewise don’t want to hear what’s happening in the next room.

Most hotel chains have development standards that request partitions between rooms be built to STC-50 and is required by Code. However, sound still moves between rooms, especially when there are recessed outlets in the walls, essentially serving as holes that easily let sound through.

The first response is to increase the thickness of the wall – but the sound continues to come through the outlets. Our solutions effectively plug these holes so guests can feel free to make some noise, without ever having to deal with any that isn’t theirs.


Sound Isolation

Stop irritating sounds from traveling through walls.

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Reverberation Control

Eliminate echoes, noise and other effects of lingering sound.

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Impact Noise Reduction

Prevent footfalls and impact noise from floors above.

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Fire Protection

Lower the risk of fire spreading room-to-room.

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