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The Progress of Sound Control

At STC, we are constantly innovating to develop the next solutions for the very best in sound control. Learn more about our products in development below.

Products in Development

In addition to the Box Seal, Hi-Sabin Panel, Acoustic Sleeper and Mullion Seal, STC Sound Control has several products in development which will soon be made available to the public.

A sound attenuator for open plenum return grilles is next on our list. This product will solve the loss of expected attenuation at lay-in panel ceilings (CAC) due to unducted returns.

Our team is currently working on a kit that has everything needed to seal interior doors from passing sound through the undercut (the space at the bottom edge of the door that is needed to keep a swinging door from binding with the floor) and all around the frame at the stop.

We are also looking at simple ways to seal the annular space (the overcut area) where pipes pass through walls, especially for fin tube heating systems. Here, contractors often leave large holes because nobody sees them with the cover in place, creating a sound flanking path that needs to be sealed.

For more information on the future of STC Sound Control, to share sound concerns for us to explore additional solutions or to request a free sample, please contact us at 1-800-513-9425 or emailĀ